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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome to Falk's Hudson Lot!

We are very saddened by the sudden death of Mel. 
He suffered a massive heart attack on April 3, 2016. 

Our collection of Hudson parts and cars began when Mel's dad traded an electric train for a 1935 Hudson Terraplane in 1959 (and thus the Hudson disease began, says my daughter Lynn.)   :)

We have original parts in Hudson packaging, engine and body parts, cars and more.

Hudson Cars for Sale (dust is free):

1946 4 door, bad interior-$2,500.00

1948/49 Sedan, good body-$2,000.00

 1948/49 Sedan, $2,500.00

1950 Blue Commodore 8 Sedan-$2,000.00

1951 Brown Hornet Sedan, Straight 8 Engine, no radiator, decent body-$2,500.00

1951 Black Pacemaker Brougham-$3,500.00

Hornet Sedan, Parts Car-$1,000.00

1953 Hornet Convertible-Engine restored, new paint, includes all parts available-$38,000.00

1953 Super Jet Sedan, no radiator, good body-$3,000.00
(no picture)

1953 Jet, 4 door-$2,000.00

1953 Super Jet, 2 door with partial cont.kit-$3,000.00

1953 Hornet Sedan, engine is falling apart-$1,500.00

1954 Light Blue Jet Liner, 4 door-$2,000.00

1954 Honet Sedan, good body, no engine-$3,000.00

1954 Hudson Hornet Hollywood Blue and White, no motor-$5,000.00

1954 Hudson Hornet Hollywood, Red and Black with Motor-$6,000.00

1954 Grey Hornet Sedan, engine is falling apart-$1,500.00

1956 Wasp, engine in pieces-$1,500.00
(no picture)

1956 Light Blue/Green Hornet Super Sedan-$1,500.00

1956 Pink/Grey Hornet, V8, Sedan, Complete-$2,500.00

1957 Hornet Sedan-$13,000.00

And other parts cars....

Hudson Engines for Sale:
1934-1947 Six Cylinder
1948-1952 Eight Cylinder
1948-1956 Six Cylinder

Hudson Body Parts for Sale: 1934 - 1957
 Front Fenders, Rear Fenders, Hoods, Trunks, Doors, Hubcaps, Chrome Pieces: side, front, rear and interior, Grills, Park Lights, Tail Lights, Wheels, Door Handles, Speakers, Radios, Window Cranks

Hudson Windshields for Sale: 1948 - 54
Rear Windows: 1940-1957
Side Windows:  1937-1957

Hudson Engine Parts for Sale:
1934-1957 Crank Shafts, Cam Shafts, Pistons, Connecting Rods, Rings, Cylinder Heads, Manifolds, Distributors, Generators, Starters, Carburetors, Air Cleaners, Radiators, Valve Springs, Valves, Gaskets, Exhaust pipes, Tail pipes, Brake Lines, Bearings, Head Bolts

FRONT END PIECES FOR 1948-1954 Hudson Vehicles

Carburators for 1935-1957 Hudson and Terraplanes

Please contact us for Hudson parts and car information, email or call Ron at (402) 395-2504 or cell phone (402) 608-0189.